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Over the years, we have worked with lots of intended parents and we help people like you to experience joy of parenthood.

Elisabeth & Jack - United States

“Dear Nako and Dear Mariam, this weekend we go home, not seems to be true! Our dream came true thanks to you, your commitment, your availability, your kindness, and your professionalism in the field. The hospital was up to the task, all very nice and helpful. This journey has been long, difficult, and full of obstacles, but finally, we succeeded!!!

Our little baby Helen is well and growing fast!

we will be grateful to you for life!

God bless you and all the staff of Be Parent for what you do!”

Dinesh & How - Malaysia

“I want to thank you so much for all your help through this process! You were very patient and caring with us whenever I’d reach out to you with any questions or concerns. Thank you very much for helping us all the way, so that my wife could celebrate Mother’s Day yesterday.”

Anna & Robert - Sweden

"We started working with Be Parent after having a very poor experience with another agency. I knew after our first meeting with Mariam and Nako, that we found the people who were going to help us have a child. The Be Parent team was knowledgeable, professional, empathetic, and caring. Mariam and Nako were with us every step of the way and exceeded our expectations consistently. We are forever grateful to Be Parent for all of their support and love."

Barbara - United Kingdom

"Trusting another person to carry a baby for you is not an easy thing to do. Having someone there to walk you through the process and help ease your mind throughout the journey is imperative. Mariam, and the rest of the staff at The Surrogacy Experience, were with us every step of the way so we never felt alone and we never had unanswered questions. With their help, we were able to complete our family."

Charlotte & Thomas - Australia

“We are an Australian couple and our journey from the start has been absolutely flawless with Be Parent, they have gone above and beyond for us. There were no hidden costs, all money discussed was true and accurate. We will be using Be Parent again in the future."

Mengyao & Jiaping - China

“Dear Be Parent, Words cannot express how I feel about everything you have done for us. Mengyao and I are so happy sitting here holding our beautiful baby girl. She is such a joy. I am still in awe that we have her at home and are able to kiss and love her all of the time. We hope that other parents have the same success with your program as we have had. I want them to know that there is hope no matter what you have been through trying to have a baby. Until we found Be Parent, I thought we would never become parents. We are so grateful that we were matched with Teona and she was able to bless us with a healthy child. She will always be in our prayers. Thank you for everything."

Olivia & Aksel - Denmark

“After so much loss (and a bad experience with another surrogacy agency), I was skeptical and pessimistic and didn’t think we’d ever have a baby. Luckily, we found Be Parent and worked with Mariam, who was encouraging and reassuring throughout the whole process. She found us the most amazing surrogate who is now like a member of our family. Mariam and the whole staff at Be Parent were there every step of the way to guide us through the process and always available to answer questions. The surrogacy went smoothly and we are now the proud parents of almost 2-year-old twins, Sophia and Frederik! Thank you, Be Parent, for making our dreams come true!”

Carola & Sergio - Argentina

“We were married for a long time and we did not have a child, for the various problems.
With help of Be parent and a wonderful team, we have Mikaela and Konstanza.
We would like to thank the whole staff, who did everything that they promised and in one year gave us this beauty with help of God. We already can return to Argentina and of course, we will inform all our relatives and friends about our happiness.
Also, we will share our experience with fertility treatments, so they will take advantage of this opportunity.
Thank you Be Parent Agency so much!”