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Guaranteed Live-birth

To reduce the emotional risks associated with infertility solutions, Be Parent offers Guaranteed live-birth Programs. These programs are assured to result in a successful pregnancy and a baby to call your own, giving parents-to-be the opportunity to avoid risks commonly associated with these procedures. With just one sum, you have a clear financial obligation that eliminates the risk of failure and guarantees a healthy baby to bring home within a promised time frame.

Our Guaranteed Live-birth Programs are ideal for parents-to-be that want to avoid the stress and uncertainty that can come from infertility treatments. Through these programs, you can breathe easier knowing that your dream of parenthood will be achieved at the end of your journey without failure or any additional payments. 

How Guaranteed Live-birth program works?

To decide whether you are eligible for this program or not, we need to see your sperm test result first. 

At Be parent, we offer different types of Donation programs, such as Donation & Surrogacy and Guaranteed 12th Week Pregnancy.