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Donation & Surrogacy

Many factors can affect your ability to produce healthy eggs or carry a child to term.  In these situations, our Fertility Services offer comprehensive egg donation and surrogacy services.

Choosing an egg donor is an emotional process. It’s not just part of your fertility program, it’s a decision that has a significant impact on your family and your future baby. Our Egg donor screening process ensures that only healthy, capable, and informed egg donors are accepted into Be Parent’s database. This keeps our success rates high so we can consistently provide results for our families. 

If you wish to identify an egg donor, you have two options:

Anonymous donor:  An anonymous donor is a healthy female between the ages of 21-29 who is interested in assisting a couple to achieve their dream of having a baby.  In this scenario, both the donor’s and the recipient couple’s identities are protected.  An anonymous donor is chosen by reviewing profiles from our pool of donors, with the help of a donor coordinator, who helps you make a match that best meets your needs. 

Directed donor:  A directed donor is someone you will meet and who is interested in assisting you in having a baby.

Once a donor is chosen, the screening process begins.  All of our donors, whether anonymous or directed, are thoroughly screened through the same process as surrogates.

At Be parent, we offer different types of Donation programs, such as guaranteed 12th week of pregnancy and guaranteed baby.