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Egg donor requirements

Be Parent is always looking for generous, young women who are interested in donating their eggs to help others grow their families. Before you apply to be an egg donor, it’s important to review the list of egg donor qualifications to see if you qualify.

Requirements for egg donation

Young women who are interested in donating their eggs should:

  1. Be between 21-29 years of age 
  2. Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) lower than 28
  3. Have no more than one occurrence of same cancer in family history (except non-genetic cancers, such as leukemia and lung)
  4. Have a family history with no serious heart disease or heart attacks under age 55
  5. Not have psychiatric hospitalizations
  6. Have some education after high school i.e. enrolled in college, college classes, certification programs, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, Ph.D., etc. If you have questions about what qualifies for advanced educated, please email us
  7. Be of any ethnic and racial background
  8. Be comfortable with giving yourself daily injections with small needles, like those used for insulin